Ancient and Modern Techniques to treat your pain.

What is acupuncture?


Acupuncture is an ancient form of medicine that stands the test of time for treatment of pain, musculoskeletal injuries, and many other ailments. Whether the condition is chronic or acute, acupuncture can greatly decrease pain by releasing soft tissue tension, reseting neurological reflexes and pain signals, calming the central nervous system, and improving blood flow to the tissues.

Acupuncture can even increase the body's natural healing capabilities by decreasing inflammation throughout the body and activating dumps of Stem Cells into the blood. (Blood levels of neuropeptides and cytokines have been shown to decrease with one treatment per week for four weeks. Electro Acupuncture has been shown to create large releases of mesenchymal stem cells.)

Acupuncture creates more capillary growth at the injured areas and sends the entire body into parasympathetic nervous system dominance (rest and repair as opposed to fight or flight). Using the holistic approach of traditional Chinese Medicine alongside modern sports medicine creates the most comprehensive care for musculoskeletal injuries.

What is dry needling?

I'm often questioned on the difference between Acupuncture and Dry Needling. There are some basic theoretical differences, but there is enormous overlap. 

In Traditional Acupuncture, the practitioner is choosing points based off of dysfunctions of mapped out meridians and underlying patterns of disharmony.

In Dry Needling, the practitioner is treating anatomically significant points such as trigger points and motor points in affected tissues. Trigger points are needled to release painful and taught muscular bands. Motor Points are needled to reset overactive muscles and to reactivate under-active muscles. In Acupuncture, we call this Ashi point needling. 

Why I use both techniques:

I've been classically trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Anatomically Significant Needling. In my treatments you’ll receive modalities that have roots in both thousands of years of results and modern scientific research. The relief you’ll experience is a direct result of my multi-disciplinary approach.

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After the problematic muscles have been reset and the healing cascade from Acupuncture has been initiated, it’s time to smooth things out and start exploring proper movement patterns. The best way to start is with this assisted stretching technique that improves functional mobility. It also feels amazing!



Being out of pain doesn’t mean that things are good to go. It’s incredibly important to address movement patterns that could have helped contribute to your injury or have resulted because of your injury. The chicken or egg doesn’t particularly matter in this situation as long as we address and fix the dysfunctions!