Healing through the power of stretch.

What is Fascial Stretch Therapy?

To put it simply, Fascial Stretch Therapy is a table based assisted stretching technique. My patients often describe it as, “assisted yoga.”

Many people will tell you that your “muscles are tight.” That’s not entirely what’s going on at a physiological level. A number of factors contribute to the tightness we experience. In a situation where there is a true lack of mobility, there are typically three main factors causing the limited functionality.

1.    Fascial Adhesions and Tension

2.    Joint Capsules

3.    Overactive nervous systems

Fascial Stretch Therapy improves functional mobility through directly targeting these three factors.

During a Fascial Stretch Therapy session, I provide traction to your joints, (for example, pulling on your leg while stretching your hamstring) to create space in the joint capsule while simultaneously working to stretch out adhesions through entire fascial lines. You can expect constant rhythmic movement during the stretches, including contracting against my resistance. The contractions and "waves" during the stretches will allow the nervous system to relax, deepening the stretch without any discomfort. And of course, we work with your breath to calm the nervous system and solidify the new ROM!

In addition, I may notice a lack of motor control of the ranges of motion, which will be addressed with Functional Movement assessments and training.

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Improving passive range of motion through Fascial Stretch Therapy is an important step, but it’s not the last one. Once you have that range throughout your soft tissue and joints, I will teach you movement patterns to practice on your own to make sure you are integrating and controlling the new ranges we have introduced. This is where the magic really happens!



Many times I will be using Sports Acupuncture techniques before getting into the stretch therapy so ensure I’m dealing with the pain generating tissues and the spasmed areas directly. Adding some Fascial Stretch Therapy to the end of these treatments does wonders to reconnect different areas of the body and to “smooth over” the acupuncture treatments.