FIX is a one-stop pain and sports injury clinic Located in Denver, Colorado.

FIX is the only clinic that provides Acupuncture, Stretch Therapy, Functional Strength Training, and Passive Recovery Tools under one roof. It truly is the only place you need for your injury and athletic recovery needs.

Every day we treat people from all walks of life. However, if you fall into one of the three categories below, we are going to be your new favorite place.


Amateur Athlete That Trains Like A Pro

As a competitive crossfitter, ironman, ultramarathoner, or other amateur athlete, you train hard but don’t have the recovery and injury treatment resources. That’s why we’re here.


Underserved Professional Athlete

Your sport is your craft. You devote yourself to it just as much as the athletes in “traditional” sports. But you don’t have a team of specialists to walk you through the injury process. That’s what we do.


Former Professional Athlete

You’ve put your body on the line for years and you’re still dealing with the physical and mental repercussions. We can help continue the high-level care you’ve received.

What do we offer at FIX

Sports Acupuncture

A perfect marriage between age tested theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture with modern techniques of treating anatomically significant tissues. East and West combine to form a very powerful self healing modality!


Fascial Stretch Therapy

A modern technique that greatly improves functional mobility by focusing on creating length through entire fascial lines, improving space in the joint capsules, and calming the nervous system. This is the stretching technique preferred by thousands of professional athletes all throughout the world!


Functional Movement

Rehabbing injuries to a fully functional level greatly reduces your risk of future injury and restores your performance to the level it was before injury. Actually, even better than before!


Passive Recovery Tools

Passive Recovery Modalities can be a game changer. These tools reduce inflammation, promote blood flow and create physiological changes that prevent injuries and reduce recovery time!